Redefining quality of life



Founder and director of Quintess Retirement Community, Mango Hill, Adrian Barnett is here to revitalise retirement.

With a passion for progress and unique local insight, Adrian is a dynamic Brisbane property developer and entrepreneur. Inspired to his local community, Adrian is committed to creating new homes – and new opportunities – in the North Brisbane region. For the last 20 years, Adrian has been honing his skills – and his local knowledge. He started his career in civil construction at age 18, developing a keen interest in engineering, infrastructure, roads and town-planning. Now, with his diverse property development company,

he holds expertise in all facets of the development and construction process. Quintess is masterplanned to be multigenerational – linking all ages and stages with parks, shared facilities and retirement homes. Adrian is proud to announce that this will be the first intergenerational site on the east coast of Australia.

It will provide operational potential between his owned and operated childcare centre – Mango Hill Early Learning and Quintess Retirement Community, Mango Hill. The benefits of bringing seniors and young children together in a community based programme facility have been well documented and proven.

Armed with experience and innovation, Adrian has a clear vision: to create a community to be proud of – using his distinctive skills to bring it to life – embracing intergenerational planning.

Adrian is proud to present Quintess Retirement Community.


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