Leaving your large family home? Tidying up your townhouse? No matter what size you’re sorting through, de-cluttering can feel daunting to anyone.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Downsize your home – and your stress levels – with our top 6 de-cluttering tips:

1 – Will you use it, or can you lose it?
If you’re not sure whether an item needs to join you in the move – ask yourself two questions:

  • ‘Is it necessary?’ – Do you need it? Will you use it?
  • ‘Is it important?’ Does it still spark a special feeling?

2 – Keep it picture perfect
If you’ve found something special but it can’t go to your new place, grab your camera! Taking photos of treasures can keep memories close, and your home clutter-free. A box of pictures can protect precious memories – no matter where you live.

3 – Give your stuff a second life
If an item doesn’t fit in your new house – find it a new home! Donate, gift or sell items you no longer need (or want). You can find a nearby charity bin, host a garage sale, or try selling online – via gumtree, eBay or Facebook. If you’re not ‘selling savvy’, ask a tech-friendly family member to help.

4 – Sort your space, at your pace
Hurry can lead to worry, so make sure to take your time. Start well before moving day and plan your project in parts: take it room-by-room, shelf-by-shelf, day-by-day.

5 – Tackle the task together
Don’t do it alone! Working in a team is more efficient – and more fun – and it’s easier to make tough choices when you have a friend to cheer you on.  Ask family and friends to help or reach out to an expert for support.

6 – Picture your new place
Try to remember your reason for relocating – a grand new chapter awaits you! Think of your new home; with its luxury fittings and soft furnishings, it’ll help you stay positive while packing.

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