We are pleased to share with you the latest construction update. The village is a continual hive of activity with completion of the first selection of villas close to completion.

First Block:

  • All villas are at lockup and have been painted internally.
  • Laying of tiles in the bathrooms has commenced.
  • Installation of vanities in the bathrooms has commenced.

Second Block:

  • External cladding fixing is nearing completion, awaiting the final piece of the roof to be installed on the type 3 villas, then plaster installation can commence.


  • The concrete carpark for the Community Centre has been completed and the associated roadworks are underway.
  • Stormwater installation on the high road above the first and second blocks is completed and the laying of road base has commenced. The pouring of the concrete kerb is scheduled for the week after next, weather permitting, with bitumen to follow.

Community Centre:

  • External paths prepared for pouring of concrete.
  • External cladding is complete and ready for painting.
  • External structure of the outdoor bowling green has been completed.

Please click on the link below to view the latest video.