Our fortnightly construction updates seemed to be coming around so quickly and our site is full of tradespeople every day.

First Block:

  • Front courtyards of all villas have been concreted
  • Laying of tiles in the bathrooms is completed in some villas and continuing in the other villas.
  • Balconies on all upper villas have been tiled.
  • Hot water systems are being installed
  • Electrical and air conditioning fit-off has commenced.

The completion of our first block of villas is getting very close, but the weather forecast is not in our favour.

Second Block:

  • Roof has now been fully installed.
  • External cladding fixing is complete along with external painting.
  • Installation of plasterboard is scheduled to commence in the next 2 weeks.
  • Scaffolding has been removed from part of the building.


  • The road base and concrete kerb have been installed along the entrance road, the high side of building 1, and either side of the community centre. The rain today has caused a delay to the installation of the last piece of kerb on the low side of building 1 until mid-next week.
  • Once the rain stops the road base will be laid and compacted, and then the black asphalt final layer will follow.

Community Centre:

    • Insulation has been installed in the walls and ceiling and internal linings are stacked inside the community centre ready for installation next week.

Please click on the link below to view the latest video.