When it comes to choosing a Retirement Village, there are a lot of things to think about.
Is it in a good location?
Does it have good facilities?
Is there a vibrant social scene?
These things are all important. But there’s one extra idea you might want to consider…

Is it walkable?
Research shows that walkable neighbourhoods (where everything is a short stroll away) are beneficial for people of all ages. But for residents of retirement villages? Well, it makes life a walk in the park!

Living in a walkable community, you can:

1 – Enjoy a stress-free sanctuary
Planning the perfect day out is easy. Take a friend for coffee at a boutique cafe, have a turn in a bowls tournament or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery – no transport needed, no prior planning required. Keep it easy, secure, flexible, and accessible, with everything you need just steps away from home

2- Never miss an appointment
Master-planned with you in mind, walkable retirement villages allow you to access care quickly and confidently. Quintess offers the perfect location for pharmacy, podiatry, and pathology, with over half a dozen different healthcare centres, hospitals and specialists all within walking distance. You’ll never need to worry about being late again (unless you get carried away with your social calendar)!

3- Connect in your community
Joining in the fun just got easier. In a walkable community, you have easy access to all the goings-on in the village. A few quick steps can find you by the pool, playing games, meeting at the community centre or popping by a friends’ for a cuppa. Whatever you’re into, it’ll be easy to get to – and easy to get involved!

4- Hit the brakes
Skip paying for petrol and avoid peak-hour traffic – in a walkable community, you don’t need a car to collect groceries or connect with friends! Be filled with confidence knowing your way around, with taverns, supermarkets, a post office, retailers and big banks nearby. You have the world at your doorstep – no drivers license needed.

5- Live an active life
Walking isn’t just good for our pets. Taking a walk every day is one of the easiest ways to stay active, and it’s why most retirement villages are filled with walking and biking paths. With beautiful gardens, parks and landscaping, your daily to’s-and-from’s are the perfect way to get fresh air and feel your best.

Want to get moving? Move in!
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